Refugee Children Came Together in “Get to Know Turkey” Project

13/07/2018 Paylaş:   

100 children came together with “Türkiye’yi Tanıyorum” (Get to Know Turkey) Project organized by the cooperation of Şehit Serhat Önder Child Protection Center of Turkish Red Crescent Ankara Branch, Turkish Red Crescent Community Centers and Yunus Emre Institute. Activities under the Project were completed in Ankara after visiting the cities of İstanbul, Bursa and Nevşehir.

Different activities were organized in Istanbul, Bursa, Nevşehir and Ankara provinces under the Program, whose objective is to provide “social cohesion”, to enable Turkish language practice as well as to give information about our culture through visits to historical and touristic places.  Vice President of Turkish Red Crescent Dr. Naci Yorulmaz and the President of Yunus Emre Institute Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş also attended to the closing ceremony organized in Ankara.
Don’t be afraid of dreaming”
Vice President of Turkish Red Crescent, who is presenting recommendations to young people,  "I believe that the cooperation provided by this project will move to larger areas. This world is not much bigger than your dreams. Don’t be afraid of dreaming. Don’t underestimate yourselves. You will face the problems of the modern world we live in, and you will solve the problems. While you are solving these problems, you should have one key in your hands: mercy.  This word which seems terrifying, gigantic is not bigger than your potential and the strength you have. As Turkish Red Crescent, Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish state, we will be ready to give all efforts in order to meet the needs. We will build a world living in peace.
“This project will transcend the culture of co-existence to next generations”
The President of Yunus Emre Institute,  Prof. Dr. Ateş stated that this project, organized with the collaboration of Yunus Emre Institute and Turkish Red Crescent, is one of the most interesting projects the have ever involved. He added that the project gave opportunity to many displaced children to contact to Turkish children and to learn their culture.
“Thank you for giving us the chance to see this beautiful place together”
In the program in which approximately 100 children between ages of 14-18 were involved from 9 different cities, the exhibition that show the photos of the historical and cultural visit of children. President of Turkish Red Crescent Ankara Branch Ahmet Hizanlıoğlu and Deputy Director General Alper Küçük also participated to the closing ceremony.
Emirhan, who is one of the young participants sharing his experiences and feelings that he has encountered during the project, has expressed that it was very valuable for him to closely see the structures shedding light to the history and to explore different cultures, and Muaz who participated into the project from Konya said: “I thank you to give me the opportunity to see this many of beautiful places at once. It was always my dream to come to Turkey, so my dream has come true.”