Treatment Has Begun for Maya to Walk

19/07/2018 Paylaş:   

Clinging to life with her “feet” built by his father with cans and plastic tubes, and dreaming to have prosthetic legs and be able to walk, 8-year-old Syrian girl Maya Meri was brought to Istanbul by Turkish Red Crescent for treatment with her father who is also disabled.
Syrian Maya, who was born without lower legs and have not been able to receive prosthesis due to difficulties, and her father’s treatments have begun shortly after the initiatives of Red Crescent President, Dr. Kerem Kınık. Maya and her father were brought by Red Crescent to Hatay first and then to Istanbul, where their treatments have begun on a special clinic. Days to receive their prosthetic legs are numbered.
Maya will step into her new life in 3 months
Prosthesis specialist Mehmet Zeki Çulcu contacted Red Crescent, expressing his wish to undertake Maya and her father’s prosthesis treatment. Çulcu highlighted their plans to make Maya walk with her new prosthesis in 3 months and stated: “First the trial socket will be made. Then standing up and balancing workout will be performed. After a while, we will extend the length of prosthesis and add joints to her system, followed by another part to further extend the length below knee joint. We will install the special foot to the foot section that she is going to use. First some balance steps then forward and backward moves. Then walking in parallel bar, and some rehabilitation workout will be performed for strength.”
Çulcu, confirming that father Ali Meri’s treatment will begin simultaneously, spoke: “Ali Meri’s treatment will take a bit longer. In 5 months, we are planning to make him stand up without anyone’s help as well.”