Turkish Red Crescent Did Not Forget Srebrenitsa Genocide

19/07/2018 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent also performed a special mission for the commemoration of Srebrenitsa Genocide’s 23rd anniversary, an event representing the mass murder of thousands of Bosnian citizens in the glare of the whole world. Turkish Red Crescent, serving to martyrs’ relatives and to sensible people who have not forget this pain in the event called Peace March, also gave psychosocial help to families who are still hurt by the event.
There was an attendance from all over the world to the anniversary ceremonies for the genocide committed against Bosnians in the town of Srebrenitsa situated in the heart of Europe, on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Turkish Red Crescent’s senior staff and crew also attended the ceremonies, currently called Peace March to commemorate the pain of Bosnians, who took the painful 110-km-walk called Death March to escape the villainous attacks 23 years ago and reach the safe area Tuzla city and barely managed to survive, and to remember the villainous attacks committed against defenseless people.
Red Crescent and Red Cross Cooperation  
Turkish Red Crescent, which catered with 80 people consisting of volunteers from Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Red Cross volunteers to those who attended the Peace March, Commemoration, and funeral in Potočari for 35 martyrs who were massacred at the time and have been identified today. It also provided psychosocial support, first-aid and medication assistance for suffering families.
This effort by Turkish Red Crescent, which has been helping Bosnians in agony for years, is appreciated by those who attended the ceremonies and march.
Vice President İsmail Hakkı Tunç, General Manager İbrahim Altan and Deputy Director Alper Küçük were also there to share the pain of Bosnians in these historical moments.