Red Crescent Youth Camps Raise Generations That Are Ready for Disaster

19/07/2018 Paylaş:   

Having founded the first youth camp in Turkey 84 years ago and enabling youth to be raised with the Red Crescent mindset since then, Turkish Red Crescent has opened its doors to youth with the schools being on a break for summer. Hosting thousands of young people in Ankara, İstanbul and Eskişehir every season, Red Crescent Youth Camps focused on raising generations ready for a disaster.
Providing successful students from all around Turkey, terror-stricken people staying in orphanages and Red Crescent Community Centre volunteers with training primarily on disaster prevention, minimizing the harm of disasters, first-aid, drug addiction and similar issues; Turkish Red Crescent also organizes sports and arts activities in Youth Camps.
Board Member Ercan Tan, who investigated the activities in Heybeliada Youth Camp on-site, said: “We are having a good, fun and educative camp with our children who have left their cities and been away from their families for the first time. Our children are receiving a range of training, being involved in various activities, socializing, making new friends and seeing new places. And they are doing all these for free.”
“I will have a friend from every single city”
Indicating that she finds the camp environment to be really wholesome, 15-year-old Şule Özcan from Afyon said: “I play baglama as a hobby. I joined a band to further improve myself. There are fun activities, I want to attend all of them. I will have a friend from every single city, which is nice. I am meeting new people.”