Turkey, the Most Generous Country in the World

19/07/2018 Paylaş:   

UK-based Development Initiatives Organization reporting humanitarian aids of countries, released the “Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2018”. According to the report, Turkey provided the most humanitarian aid with $8.07bn in 2017.
 Remarking that Turkey reserves a larger share to humanitarian aid each year and there is now a strong perception of “Turkish model in humanitarian aid,” Dr. Kerem Kınık, President of Turkish Red Crescent, stated the following with regards to Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2018 and Red Crescent’s part in humanitarian aid: “In the past years, we were the country giving the most humanitarian aid relative to its gross national income. This time we also became the most generous country in terms of total money spent in assistance. Some of these aids are quick intervention to humanitarian crisis, some are long-term projects aimed at increasing the means of living and some as development aids. But ultimately, aid is being delivered to humanity without looking out for a self-interest. This is what Turkish model in humanitarian aid is. We are proud as an actor of humanitarian aid sector, and we are trying to formulize Red Crescent’s objectives in this way.
Aids total up to 719M                        
Reminding that Red Crescent is one of the associations raising Turkish flag overseas, $152M of humanitarian aid, meaning ₺719M in today’s value, has been delivered to nearby and far nations beyond our borders, Syria receiving the most according to the numbers from 2017, Kınık informed that:
“We provided humanitarian aid to 8,635,000 people across 46 countries also with the help of our stakeholders. We helped 3.5 million of these people in Ramadan 2017 only. With our Ramadan aids this year, we provided over ₺105M worth of humanitarian aid to 5 million 706 thousand people within our borders, and ₺82.54M worth of humanitarian aid to 3 million 818 thousand people in 35 countries abroad. As Turkish Red Crescent, we supported the National Societies of Ukraine, Somalia, Nigeria, Georgia, Palestine and Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017. We reached out to Somalia with 13,000 tons, to Yemen with 11,000 tons and to Gaza with ₺11M worth of help. We did not overlook to those taking refuge in our country. With the help of the European Union in 2017, we provided ₺926M worth of monetary assistance to 1 million 100 thousand people from 65 different nationalities and ₺26M worth of education assistance to 137,000 refugee children. As Red Crescent, we provided support to 18.6 million people with majority being our own citizens in 2017. We know that tens of thousands of people have come back from the threshold of death and millions have held on to life again thanks to these helps. This is a national pride for Turkey and honor for us to enjoy.” he stated.
Important topics from Global Humanitarian Assistance Reports:
According to the UK-based Development Initiatives Organization’s report, Turkey has scaled up as the country providing the most humanitarian aid in the world with its $8.07bn worth of humanitarian aid.
While Turkey is followed by US with $6.68bn, Germany with $2.99bn and UK with $2.52bn, EU organizations are ranked in fourth place with $2.24bn.
While Turkey ranks in the first place in humanitarian aid relative to its national gross income, with the rate of 0.85%, closest pursuers Norway and Luxembourg’s rates were only 0.17%. US, however, was placed 19th with 0.04%.
The report, remarking that 201 million people from 134 countries needs international humanitarian aid, pointed out that majority of these people affected by the crises and conflicts are in Syria, Yemen and Turkey.
Worldwide humanitarian aid totaled up to $26.4bn in 2016, and to $27.4bn in 2017 with 3% growth. While worldwide humanitarian aid was $27.3bn in total, roughly the one third of this aid was provided by Turkey alone.
The report highlights that Turkey takes the most refugee in the world with 3.5 million Syrians.
According to Global Humanitarian Assistance Reports of 2013, 2014 and 2015, Turkey was the third country to provide the most humanitarian aid three times in a row, and the second country in the last 2 years.