Legacy of Philanthropy Award for Red Crescent

17/10/2018 Paylaş:   

In the Global Donors Forum organized by World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists in London, “the Legacy of Philanthropy” awards were given this year for the first time. Turkish Red Crescent was granted the award in the category of “humanitarian aid”.
Emphasizing that it was no coincidence that the Red Crescent was granted the award which was given for the first time within the scope of the Global Donors Forum held in London this year, Dr. Kerem Kınık, President of Turkish Red Crescent, said “Our country hosts the greatest number of refugees in the world.  Turkey is the country that provides the most assistance to non-citizens.”
In the same ceremony, “Humanitarian Service Recognition Award” was given to the First Lady of Turkey H.E. Emine Erdoğan because of her efforts against Rohingya Muslims and Turkish Airlines received the “Creative Collaboration Award” thanks to its cargo aircraft support for the humanitarian aid effort for Somalia within the scope of “Love Army for Somalia” campaign.