Sewing Workshop for Women in Somalia

17/10/2018 Paylaş:   

A new one has been added to the vocational courses started in certain areas by Turkish Red Crescent for the people of Somalia to have a profession and to continue their lives without help in the future. For this purpose, the “Sewing Training Project” was realized by establishing a sewing workshop by Turkish Red Crescent for prisoners in the Women’s Prison in Mogadishu.
Turkish Red Crescent Delegation opened a sewing workshop consisting of 8 sewing machines, 1 zigzag and 1 overlock machine for women prisoners to benefit from it.
The products such as yarn and fabric needed in the workshop will be provided by Turkish Red Crescent and prisoners will be given 4 days of sewing training a week. The project aims to provide the prisoners to get a profession and to generate income by selling their products. Furthermore, some of the clothes to be sewed by prisoners will be given to children in orphanages free of charge. Thanks to that, they will have new clothes.