Turkish Red Crescent Continues to Provide Aid for Yemen

17/10/2018 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent did not leave alone the needy people in Yemen, where conflicts have been continuing and political instability has prevailed for a long time, and has carried out rehabilitation activities, as well as food aid.
Turkish Red Crescent is carrying out First Aid Training project in the regions of Şeyhosman, Khormakser, Tuvahi and Breka, where the population is intensively located in Yemen. Through the project that is being carried out in cooperation with Yemen Red Crescent Aden Branch, people are provided with training on how to respond to any injury or negative health conditions that can occur at any time of life.
Finding solutions for the various needs in Yemen, Turkish Red Crescent also provided the restoration of the roof of the Women’s Shelter in the Crater region of Aden, where all the women who have been forced to emigrate because of the war.