Cataract Surgery Project in Sudan by Red Crescent

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

As one of the largest aid organizations around the world Turkish Red Crescent, which is also mentioned most often about the international aids, accomplished a new project once again. Red Crescent initiating the “Cataract Surgery Project” in Sudan where cataract cases are endemic, undertakes the treatment expenses of needy people whose financial situation is ineligible, with the cooperation of Sudan Ministry of Health. At the first stage, starting the treatment of 400 patients, Red Crescent will increase the number to 600 persons at short notice as per the agreement.

The operations continue for the treatment of more people.

Turkish Red Crescent Deputy President General İsmail Hakkı Turunç who went to Sudan to investigate operations on site and to attend inauguration ceremony said: “This time, we initiated a cataract surgery project in Sudan, where we have provided support for either medical or health service and have organized food aids for a long time.”

Abdulmumin Ahmet (68) who lives in a village close to the capital city Khartoum and was treated within the scope of the project said: “I lost my eyesight because of cataract for a few years now. I had severe visual impairment in my right eye. The left one has also started to lose sight. I was out of cash for the treatment. Then it was said that Red Crescent from Turkey is going to cover my treatment expenses. I pray for everyone making it available for me to see after the surgery. God help everyone who gives a helping hand to us from thousands of kilometers away.”