Honor Night for Red Crescent Charity Ambassadors

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

Continuing to deliver charity and to stand by the people in need through its branches and agencies spreading around Turkey, Turkish Red Crescent brought together the charity ambassador Branch Presidents and Agency Coordinators at Honor Night.

At the event that gathered the largest non-governmental organization of Turkey, the Red Crescent family in Antalya, the presidents were awarded with medal and charter for their contribution to Red Crescent for many years as well as their representation of Red Crescent brand in their region. As part of the organization, notably the Red Crescent 15 July martyr Serhat Önder’s family and the families of Red Crescent Advocates who martyrdom on duty, the veteran staff, grandchild of the founder of Red Crescent Marko Pasha, Destina Anats and serving as Director General for 25 years Ünal Somuncu received their medal and charter from the Director General of Turkish Red Crescent Dr.  Kerem Kınık.

The Honor Program was started by the Director General Dr. Kerem Kınık. He noted that the Red Crescent undertakes a duty as to meet blood need as well as all vital needs and continues to deliver aid to all places affected by natural disasters, poverty and war. Emphasizing the continuing injustice around the world, Kınık said: “In Africa, there are people that born, grow and die without seeing a doctor. There is no one else that could dare to say "cruel" to those who are really cruel but President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and a few others. As Red Crescent, we are working with might and main to help. Red Crescent has delivered aid to millions of people since the day it was founded and it continues to deliver.”