“Red Crescent Village” Concept for Rakhine People

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent continues to provide aid at full steam for Rakhine Muslims who had to take refuge in neighboring Bangladesh after the attacks they were subjected in their own country Myanmar. Turkish Red Crescent took forward its aid efforts by building a Red Crescent Village in the region. It also attracts the attention with the Community Center put into operation in the village.

Since the start of humanitarian crises in 2012 and its spreading as of August 2017, Red Crescent has been performing a meticulous work in the region and providing several services all together to Rakhine people who are stricken with griefs.

All is Said and Done in Red Crescent Village

Carrying out the project of Red Crescent Village for Rakhine people who struggle for life in hard conditions at approximately 30 camps, Turkish Red Crescent completed ferroconcrete-floor 569 sheltering units each composed of 2 rooms and handed it to the families. The village will consist of totally one thousand 200 sheltering units. Deep water-wells were also drilled for fresh water. Abstracting water from at least 200 meters to find potable water, Red Crescent also drilled wells having similar features at other camps.

The most eye catching facility of the Red Crescent Village is Community Center. Community Center sorts Red Crescent Village from other residential areas through providing service for women, children and adults while helping them to remove traces of trauma they had.