The Syrian Child Came Together with Her Family

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

The Syrian child (14 years old) who was brought into Turkey 1.5 years ago and treated upon getting injured at the explosion in Idlib, felt the happiness of coming together with her family that she was apart with for so long.

Turkish Red Crescent, bringing together the families that migrate and drifted away during the migration to be freed of the negative effects of clash environment, also united Syrian child E. with her family. Grievously injured Syrian child was hospitalized in Mersin with an ambulance coming from Turkey.

Breaking into tears for a long time, Syrian girl E. said that she was very happy to rejoin with her family. “I was seriously injured when a bomb falling near our house in Idlib exploded. They only brought me into Turkey. Luckily, I was treated here and got healthy again. When I came to Turkey, my family stayed there and I could not receive any news from anybody.”