Educational and Employment Support from Red Crescent to Idlib

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent, supporting the suffering people in Syria since the beginning of civil war in 2011, enlisted educational and employment support for sufferers of the conflict, with the preschool and tailor shop it founded in Khan Sheikhoun district of Idlib (120 km away from Turkey border).

After having a talk with the students of preschool where around 55 children (including orphans) receive training for a while, Directorate General Kınık gave several gifts such as stationary, toys and clothing to them. Kınık opened the tailor shop founded by Red Crescent and where at least 20 women were employed.

Micro-entrepreneurship support

Kınık stated that Red Crescent, apart from enabling the establishment of tailor shop where women find employment opportunity, will also provide materials such as fabric and thread. “In this workshop, our sisters will learn tailoring and sew dresses. Then we will buy those dresses they sewed and distribute them to the people in need in the camps. Those women will set up their own businesses after they earn money. We desire to popularize this tailoring job in all our camps with the support of such a micro-entrepreneurship,” said Kınık.

Kınık said that they will provide support for other schools along with the newly opened preschool in terms of stationary, heating and teacher expenditures noting that Syrian people are also educationally supported.