8.5 Tons of Medicine Aid of Red Crescent Reached to Gazza

06/12/2018 Paylaş:   

Turkish Red Crescent, continuing to provide aid for the region since 2006 and accompanying the Gazaians from that date, also delivered 8.5 tons of medicine aid to the region.

As it had delivered medicine to the hospitals in the region, Turkish Red Crescent provided 2 containers of 8.5 tons medicine and medical stuff for the treatment of patients to Gazza having medicine shortage due to the Israel blockade. Medical aid delivered to the Ministry of Health in Gazza will diminish the medicine shortage problem. Red Crescent continues its studies to complete Disaster and Logistics Center it will introduce into the region apart from the food and clothing aid together with the medicine aid.

“We met at least a 6-month need of the hospitals in Gazza.”

Red Crescent Director General Dr.  Kerem Kınık, being present during the delivery of medicine and medical stuff in Gazza said: “The medicines we sent from Turkey and maintained in the warehouse of Palestinian Red Crescent in Nablus city of Western Bank during the completion of necessary permit processes. With these medicines, we met at least a 6-month need of the hospitals in Gazza. We had already provided medicine and medical stuff worth 100 thousand dollars to Palestinian Red Crescent in May. Our medicine and other aids will continue till the shortage ends.”