Ongoing Support for Afghan People Turning Back to Their Countries

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After realizing “Post-Voluntary Turning Back Support Project” in Afghanistan, Turkish Red Crescent continues its works within this scope. Red Crescent changes life. It made 10 Afghan people’s dreams come true by enabling them to find job and workplace up until today.
Realizing a pilot project in Afghanistan, Red Crescent ensured that 10 Afghan people have a job and workplace in a couple of months. Afghan people who opened their production workshops, which all needs of were met by the Red Crescent, not only earn their keep, but also give the message to the other Afghans who had to leave their country and then turn back that they can hold on to life again.
One of them is Mohammad Salim (20  years old, born in Kapisa. Being the oldest of 5 siblings, Salim entered to Turkey from Iran after he graduated from high school. Working in Istanbul for 6 years, Salim turned back to his country voluntarily in July 2018. He applied to Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation to find a job. Then, Red Crescent opened a small enterprise for Salim to sell food products. Stating that he can earn his keep thanks to the workplace and thus, he can stay in his country, Salim said: “Now I own the enterprise that I have imagined. I earn my own money and maintain my family easily.”
He became the shopkeeper of his own neighborhood
Born in Logar, located in the south of capital city Kâbil, Sayid Omar Mohammad (20) studied Computer Engineering. After graduation he left the country since he couldn’t find a job and came to Turkey illegally, then turned back to his country in a short time. He was unemployed for 9 months. Sayid became the favorite shopkeeper of his neighborhood that he left years ago after a grocery store is opened for him within the scope of the project.
Abdullah Yahya (19) came to Turkey illegally in 2018 when Takhar city of Afghanistan was subdued by Taliban while he was working as an apprentice at a carpenter. Then, he turned back to his country after staying at redelivery center for two months. Thanks to Red Crescent, a carpenter workshop was opened for Yahya. He increases the number of customer each day as he improves his occupational ability.