What We Do?

From the time of its establishment in 1868, the Turkish Red Crescent, besides contributing to the development of social welfare has been providing, presenting and offering various and important services for social solidarity such as shelter and protection to the poor and needy, aids for nourishment and health care , blood, disaster operations, international aids, social services, health, first aid, education and youth, housing, immigration and refugee protection as well as operating mineral water facilities.
The Turkish Red Crescent has one of the best disaster organizations of the world with its disaster response and disaster logistic system that it has extended nation wide. The Turkish Red Crescent aims to meet all the blood needs of our country from safe and continuous donators with its Regional Blood Centers, Blood Donation Centers and mobile blood donation vehichels. 
The Turkish Red Crescent has lent a hand to 137 countries from its establishment to the present and in the last 10 years it had disaster operations in 78 different countries in times of natural and human related disasters. The Turkish Red Crescent is with the people needing help not only in times of disaster but in 365 days a year. 
The Turkish Red Crescent solves diversified health problems with its qualified health personnel in the hospitals and medical centers with modern technology. The Turkish Red Crescent targets the first aid awairness to become widespread in the community with the educational programs it arranges and organizes in First Aid Centers within its body.
The Turkish Red Crescent carries out educational works for the development of being a Red Crescent person and the concept and culture of people helping each other to develop in early ages. The Turkish Red Crescent encourages the youth to become Red Crescent volunteers through Turkish Red Crescent branches, Youth Organizations, University Libraries and Communities. The Turkish Red Crescent’s Immigration and Refugee Services Directorate provides services to the refugees who take shelter in our country in their enterances and exits and housing and shelters and at the stage of their deportation.
  It makes serious contributions to social aids and disaster operations more than its income from mineral water facilities in Afyon and Erzincan and its sales.   

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