What We Do

Education and Youth Services


The Turkish Red Crescent carries out educational works for the development of being a Red Crescent person and the concept and culture of people helping each other to develop in early ages.

The Turkish Red Crescent carrying out educational activities for becoming a Red Crescent person and the culture of having people help each other to develop and become widespread, it actualizes educational programs to increase the community and institutional awairness in many subjects such as decreasing disaster damages, protection from disasters and personal and community health. It carries out the “I’m learning Safe Living with the Red Crescent Project” with the aim of increasing the the community awairness regarding disasters, safe living and methods of protection from the disaster damages to the students in primary schools and teachers.

The Turkish Red Crescent encourages the youth to become Red Crescent volunteers through Turkish Red Crescent branches, Youth Organizations, University Libraries and Communities.

The Turkish Red Crescent starting its youth services with establishing the “Youth Organization” in 1933, carries out projects for the youth within this scope. The Turkish Red Crescent by giving free scholarships to successful students through its branches, aids the students to continue their educations.On the other hand, the Turkish Red Crescent organizes “Youth Camps” in various cities of the country for students with limited means. It encourages the youth to become Red Crescent volunteers with Youth Organizations, University libraries, Communities within its branches.