What We Do

International Services

The Turkish Red Crescent has lent a hand to 137 countries from its establishment to the present and in the last 10 years it had disaster operations in 78 different countries in times of natural and human related disasters.

The Turkish Red Crescent working regardless of religion, language and racial discrimination lends a hand to millons of people in different regions of the world. Increasing the capacity of its works every passing day in the field of humanitarian aid, the Turkish Red Crescent has attained a very important role globally. The Turkish Red Crescent had disaster operations in 78 different countries in natural and human related disasters in the last 10 years and has met shelter, nourishment and basic needs of needers in 137 countries to the present.

The Turkish Red Crescent, besides providing humanitarian aid in countries like Palestine, Sudan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kirghizia, Kosovo, Somali, Pakistan, put its signature under important successes in its permanent projects for welfare. It has concentrated its activities on projects related to construction of houses, schools, community centers, house of prayers, public facilities and providing and supporting means of living and in the fields of health, education, social aids, agriculture and irrigation in the countries needing help.