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Mineral Water

It makes serious contributions to social aids and disaster operations more than its income from mineral water facilities in Afyon and Erzincan and its sales.

The Red Crescent Mineral Water that is bottled and sold by the Turkish Red Crescent  was donated by the Great Turkish Leader Ataturk to the Turkish Red Crescent in October 1926 for providing income to be used for the public benefit. In 1932, The Red Crescent Mineral Water has won the “Gold Medal” in a London contest for its mineral content and high quality.

The Afyon Mineral Water Factory, being the first and the most modern mineral water factory in Turkiye, produces Classical Mineral Water, Fruit Flavored Mineral Water and Mineral Water with Fruit. With the mineral water factory that the Turkish Red Crescent established in Erzincan in 2014, the Turkish Red Crescent is expanding and developing its export web every passing day.

The extra income gained from the Red Crescent Mineral Water sales makes a great contribution to providing social aid and disaster operations. The Afyon and Erzincan Mineral Water Factories have an annual capacity of 1 billion bottle production.